IHC Goes To Salem For A Seance

The IHC Cards team had an incredible opportunity recently to join the MetaZoo crew and community to celebrate the release of Seance in Salem Massachusetts.

The event was held on October 29th and 30th, however we saw this as a chance to take a mini vacation and walk the streets of Salem and take in all of the history. Especially since it was right before All Hallows Eve.

Enjoy some of the photos from our journey.

One of the first things we came across while we were walking into Salem was the Salem Witch Museum. If you are ever in Salem and have the time, we recommend giving them a visit. Lots of great information regarding the Salem Witch Trials.

The Salem Witch Museum building is absolutely beautiful and it is hard not to admire the architecture in Salem.

IHC Cards Group Photo in front of the Roger Conant statue

While we were standing in front of the Roger Conant statue that is right by the Salem Witch Museum, a lady was kind enough to take our photo. Little did we know she would be with us during our visit to the Museum.

Witch City Mall

While walking around Salem, we found ourselves coming to Witch City Mall quite often. Mihkey was visiting Essex Pizza almost daily for a slice or two.

The Witch House

The Witch House is one of the only buildings that is directly tied to the Salem Witch Trials. There's plenty of paranormal stories about this house.

Witch House Salem

The front view of the Witch House. 


Sarah Good grave

The grave of Sarah Good. One of the victims of the Salem Witch Trials

Salem Town Hall

The Old Salem Town Hall building that was used in the film Hocus Pocus.

Allison's House from Hocus Pocus

Allison's house used in the film Hocus Pocus. This house has caught fire numerous times but it still stands. Some claim that the fires are started due to paranormal activity.

The Bewitched Statue in Salem

The Bewitched statue was a constant spot for people taking photos as well as tour groups stopping to hear their guide talk about it.

Ludicrous Lads of Loveland and the MetaZoo Artists

During day 1 of the Seance Release Party we were walking around town getting our passports stamped. During one of our stops we came across the MetaZoo Artists. Seb, Poncho, Kelsey, and Jett were hanging out in Salem all weekend with the MetaZoo Team so we asked for a photo with them. They were kind enough to oblige. The whole MetaZoo team is made up of some amazing and incredibly talented people. If you ever get the chance to meet them, be sure to do so.

Ludicrous Lads of Loveland and Deo at the MetaZoo Booth

Since we were in the photo taking mood, we asked Deo who was working the MetaZoo stand with Manny for a photo.

Ladies of IHC and Deo

The ladies of IHC of course wanted a photo of just them with one of their favorite Head Moderator of MetaZoo.

Seance Cupcakes

After filling out our passports and visiting all of the stops, we headed to the Seance Release Party where we were treated to these delicious cupcakes as well as fantastic food too for the next two days.

MetaZoo Seance Product

The whole event MetaZoo employees were taking from this altar of MetaZoo merch and were handing it out to the party goers. It was primarily Seance, but we also received some Nightfall products such as Nightfall Booster Packs and even Nightfall Pin boxes.

Chirtch vs Kevin Head of R&D

 One of the first things Chirtch (the owner of the Ludicrous Lads of Loveland) did was challenge Kevin the head of R&D to a game of MetaZoo. For this game he used Polarizes Fearsome Beastie Critters spellbook. Polarizes is in the lower left of the photo with the black shirt and magnificent beard.

Chirtch was playing his new Explosive Rabbit and Burning Effigy spellbook he built the night before. Unfortunately due to aura disadvantage and a lack of powerup Red, Kevin lost this battle.

Chirtch Talks To Frajir

After defeating the head of R&D for MetaZoo, Chirtch talks to Frajir about being the new head of R&D for MetaZoo as well as some of the changes he has for the game.

Polarizes vs Buddy in Salem

The Ludicrous Lads of Loveland have one rule when it comes to MetaZoo events. Always bring you deck. There was plenty of game play during day 1 of the Seance Release party. Polarizes and Buddy were not about to miss out on the fun.

Momma Heiss and Sister Jen at the Seance Release Party

While it was all fun and games for everyone attending the party, Momma Heiss and Sister Jen grabbed a quick shot. This was before the fire alarm wound up going off from all of the smoke due to the fog machine in the back of the room.

Ludicrous Lads of Loveland hanging out at the Seance Release Party

After all of the excitement, gameplay, and walking around Salem, the Lads found a nice spot in the corner to hang out and go over their spellbooks on Day 2.

Mike Waddell and his dog

Mike himself was sure to make an appearance. Unfortunately we didn't get a photo of him in his red suit from day 1, however day 2 he showed up with his dog so we had to snag a quick photo.

Final Group Photo in Salem

On our way out, we grabbed a quick group photo before leaving Salem and the MetaZoo Seance Release Party. 

We hope you enjoyed the photos of our time in Salem as much as we did during our time there. We will see you at the next event!

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