IHC Cards & Collectibles Grand Opening! MetaZoo Medals Event!

Hi Everyone,


We are having our grand opening celebration on Saturday, February 4th! We will be starting the celebration by hosting MetaZoo Crytid Nation Medals tournament.

Please come in and join us for a fantastic day of fun, friends, and of course MetaZoo!


Tournament signup:


What a great day we had for our Grand Opening. It along with the medals event was a great success. We were joined by our good friends at Dr. Cards & Gaming who wound up taking 1st, 2nd, and 4th place!
Enjoy some of the photos from our big day!


IHC Cards counter

IHC Cards Opening Day Medals Event Participants

IHC Cards Opening Day MetaZoo Medals Event Top 8

IHC Cards Opening Day Medals Event 1st Through 4th Place 

IHC Cards Opening Day Medals Event 1st Place


Thank you all who came out and played, we cannot wait to host another MetaZoo Medals Event!

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