MetaZoo Product Stock Update 8/31/22

Hello Casters! 

We have recently added a bunch of MetaZoo products to our store. Lot's of new items that we did not have before, and of course restocking some of our existing offerings that way as your official MetaZoo partner, we can keep you stocked up for your next tournament. 


New Items to the IHC Store:

Cryptid Nation 2nd Edition:

Cryptid Nation 2nd Edition Booster Box

Cryptid Nation 2nd Edition Spellbook


NightFall Booster Box

NightFall Release Event Box

NightFall Theme Decks

NightFall Pin Box (restock)

MetaZoo NightFall Playmat


Wilderness Booster Box

Wilderness Spellbook

Wilderness Pin Box



UFO Lunchboxes

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