MetaZoo UFO Series: 1st Edition

MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation UFO Invasion!
MetaZoo: Cryptid Nations UFO Series 1st Edition

MetaZoo UFO Series 1ST EDITION

Pre-Order: JULY 14, 2022
Expected Launch: JULY 28, 2022

Get ready to be abducted and labeled a conspiracy theorist with this out of this world, cosmic release for the MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation! We are taking one small step with Sam Sinclair but taking one giant leap for the Cryptid Nation with all new extraterrestrial Beasties ready to be added to your Spellbook. 

Enjoy playing with your fellow Casters as you enjoy pop culture rumors as well as extraterrestrial lore with the latest release for MetaZoo!

The UFO Series products will be available for this booster set:


MetaZoo UFO 1st Edition Booster Box

UFO 1st Edition Booster Box

MetaZoo UFO 1st Edition Blister Box

UFO 1st Edition Blister Box

MetaZoo UFO 1st Edition Release Event Box

UFO 1st Edition Release Event Box

MetaZoo UFO 1st Edition Spellbook

UFO 1st Edition Spellbook

MetaZoo UFO 1st Edition Black Knight SatelliteMetaZoo UFO 1st Edition Forest Elemental QueenMetaZoo UFO 1st Edition GenoskwaMetaZoo UFO 1st Edition GuabancexMetaZoo UFO 1st Edition The Tombstone Monster

UFO 1st Edition Theme Deck Display (2 each of 5 decks)


    As more information is released we will keep updating this page with everything you need to know as a MetaZoo Caster.


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