Where Did The Ludicrous Lads Of Loveland Come From?

Through out life, you are taught how to follow rules. Through out school they tell you to obey and listen. Teachers teach you how to be social and act normal. The one thing they never taught you was how to lead, how to grow. How can you take a group of people who don't know you, and give them orders or tell them they are wrong? How do you expect them to trust your opinion, your judgement?

When talking to people prior to starting a team, I kept telling them I want a group of friends to travel with and play card games with. Everyone laughed at me and told me it would never work. You can't believe that a group of people would want to join me on a trip to another state and play a card game. Typically I would get discouraged establishing the team. Thoughts would race, I'd be planning 30 steps ahead of where I was supposed to be, and nothing ever came to fruition. It was always too big of a goal.

Then it hit me, sitting across the table playing a friend. We were in the midst of playing a new TCG no one truly heard of. MetaZoo! A card game that took my mind to a whole new level. My friend Jake and I were laughing and giggling as we play, enjoying the game. That's when I took a look around the room and saw the smiles. This game took the competitive aspect and flipped it on it's head. See I came from Yu-Gi-Oh! where when you play someone and you start winning they will call you names and beat you down. Not here, here we are having fun doing 4th wall actions and having stuff like bananas on field. Its sparked the team I always wanted.

I stopped in the middle of the game with Jake and I said "Bro lets make a team for this game, look around. Look at the smiles, feel the joy in the air, listen to the laughs." This Is it, this is what I was looking for. At that moment someone saw the same thing I did. Jake turned to me and said "Yes!". We took a leap that changed our life and others with it. We talked to everyone that day in the tournament asking each one if they wanted to make a team. This started the Original 4 members. Jake, Josh, Brins, and myself. As time went on we asked Sean and Albert to join us, then we asked Javi and Larry. This was the final team for Caster Cup 2022. 8 members and a dream to win the big cup. 

While we had two members make top 32, being Jake and Sean. To us it wasn't about just the victory on that trip. It was the fun we had, the stories we made. This is exactly what I told everyone I wanted. A Group of friends having a fun time, making the best out of everything. This is what the Ludicrous Lads were about! 

One dream of a 13 year old sparked into reality at 25, I am grateful for all the memories we made. Cheers to the many more we will make!

Special thanks to my Mother and Sister in helping our dream become a reality with helping us get Jerseys and getting bulk for the team.

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