Texas Two Step Tournament - IHC Cards and Cards2Go

Get your boots on and find a partner, partner!

IHC and Cards 2 Go are teaming up to bring you a Texas Two-Step Tournament

Thursday August 4th

Location: Cards2Go
1055 Washington Blvd.
Robbinsville Township NJ, 08691

First place Partners win an exclusive LGS playmat.

$20 Buy-in/Pair

4 Packs on entry

4 Packs to the Prize Pool/Pair


IHC and Cards2Go Present The Texas Two-Step Tournament! August 4th at 6:00PM - Location: Cards2Go in Robbinsville Township New Jersey

Winners of the Texas Two Step:

IHC and Cards2Go Texas Two-Step Tournament Winners

Tournament Photos:

IHC and Cards2Go Texas Two Step Tournament: Round 1

IHC and Cards2Go Texas Two Step Tournament Game Photo

IHC and Cards2Go Texas Two Step Tournament Game Photo

IHC and Cards2Go Texas Two Step Tournament Game Photo

IHC and Cards2Go Texas Two Step Tournament Game Photo

Texas Two Step Rulebook

Brought to you by Caster Society




Feedback Contact:




● River of Time

● Boil Over

● Salem’s Witches

● New Year’s New Beginnings

● Real Tree in Eyesight

● Age = null (TTS Only)

● Beast of Busco (TTS Only)

● Dover Demon staring contest (TTS Only)



● RE: Start/End of turn effects

○ You and your Teammate START and END your turn at the same time, effects

resolve just like in Standard Format.


4TH Wall List:

● Same as Metazoo


○ https://ihc.cards/blogs/news/official-claimable-4th-wall-items-characteristics

● Exceptions (TTS)

○ Clothing for contracting ignored (shorts)

○ Clothing for benefits needs to be claimed (white clothes)


Set Up:

● Both teams start with 1500 Life Points.

● You and your Team Mate share the Spellbook Limit and Restrictions

○ Example:

■ 5 Smokey Spirits per team

● If teammate has potions you can’t have anti potions

■ Teammate can’t have Hateful Demise while You have Dark Spells

of 3 or higher Aura cost

● Teammates share four 4th wall items

● All Casters roll a d20, teams add rolls together, and the team with the highest

score goes first.

● Draw 7 Pages

○ All Casters get one free mulligan back to 7 Pages, then it goes down to 6,5,4, etc.

● The team that goes 1st does not bookmark on their 1st turn.

● After both Casters on a team are finished with their turn, they end their turn and the other team starts their turn.

● All Pages go to the respective owners Limbos, Cemeteries, and Graveyards, these zones are not shared.

● This continues until one team's life points are reduced to 0.

● Games are played in a best of 1 format

○ No sideboards


Modified Rules:

● You/Your means only the owner of the page, unless talking about life points.

○ You own/control everything that you Contract/Place

● Priority is 1:1, team A does action, team B can make one response, and vice versa.

● Active Caster means you and your teammate

● Each Caster means all four Casters

● Casters are attacked individually, but Life Points are shared.

● Teammates can defend one another's beasties and their teammate.

● Teammates can not attack one another's Beasties or each other.

● Teammates can not fatigue or use one another's Aura.

● Teammates can cast spells/potions on one another's beasties, unless it specifies

page you control.

● Teammates can place traps underneath one another's beasties, the owner of the trap must pay the contract cost.

● Status effects are inflicted on Casters and not the team as a whole

○ example) both Casters can be burned, both Casters can be poisoned(3)


Rules Index:

● Divine Covenant - add both teams Life Points together and divide by 2, all Casters draw 3 cards

● Alaskan Vortex - both opponents have a Beastie destroyed.

● Smokey Spirits - you can use this on your teammates pages, but you don't control them for the other effect.

● Wildfire - each caster, team’s would lose 40 LP each turn

● Guardian Angel - since you can target both casters, either teammate may respond by playing this page to a direct attack on lifepoints.

● Land Tax - You own everything you contract, it’s not shared by the team so only terra the target has contracted counts for Damage

● Everything else that’s in metazoo’s rules index: 

Prototype Arena for Texas Two Step



^ Two Step Arena on TTS


Change Logs:

● Added land tax to rules index

● Added clarity of ownership under modified rules

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