IHC Cards Presents: Thursday Night Tournaments

 Due to unfortunate circumstances, we will no longer be hosting tournaments at Cards2Go. Instead we are currently hosting tournaments at our headquarters for the local community until we secure a retail space. Once we do, Thursday Night Tournaments will be back in full swing.

Until then here's our Previous Tournaments:

August 4th 2022: Texas Two Step

August 11th 2022: Competitive Constructed

August 18th 2022: Competitive Constructed (MPN)

August 25th 2022: Competitive Constructed (MPN) 

September 1st 2022: Competitive Constructed (MPN)

September  8th 2022: Competitive Constructed (MPN)

September 15th 2022: Competitive Constructed (MPN)

September 22nd 2022: 
Competitive Constructed (MPN)

September 29th 2022: Competitive Constructed (MPN)

October 6th 2022: Competitive Constructed (MPN)

October 13th 2022: Competitive Constructed (MPN)

October 20th 2022: Release Event Party! (MPN)

November 3rd 2022: Competitive Constructed (MPN)

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